EST. 2021

Celebrating scientific exploration


Flags have always been symbols of exploration and achievement. Throughout history flags have been carried to the highest mountains, to the deepest oceans, and perhaps most famously to the moon. 


The Micro Monument was constructed to celebrate scientific work being done in nanoscience and reflect a sense of physical exploration and accomplishment within this landscape. 

International Flag of Planet Earth

The Micro Monument flag pattern is a design by The International Flag of Planet Earth Organization. Their goal is to represent all people of earth and be a reminder that we share this planet and should take care of it.

4 µm wide x 44 long x 128 µm tall

Constructed using dual photon polymerization, this monument is barely visible to the human eye. At 40µm wide it is about half the thickness of the average human hair.

Red Blood Cell: 7 µm

Chromosome 5-10um

Chromosome: 5-10 µm

Bacterium: 1 - 3 µm

Covid-19: 0.1µm

Pollen: 15 - 20 µm

Red Blood Cell - 7 µm

Chromosome 5-10 µm

Silicon Wafer Plaque

Monument Base Etching

The monument's base, made using the same material and process as in the production of semiconductors, serves as a plaque to display the structure. Engraved on its surface using femtosecond laser ablation are the words, “This flag stands as a monument to scientific achievement at the nanoscale, celebrating the continued interdisciplinary research dedicated to understanding our world.“

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Yeyuan Yang
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Paul Westerhoff
The International Flag of
Planet Earth Organization
Nano at Stanford
Richard Shafer

Dr. Debbie Senesky
Harley Hayden
Nicholas Guise
Atilla Cakmak
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Jared M. Ashcroft


Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor

Georgia Tech: Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology

National Science Foundation

National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure