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For more information regarding the project, use of content, or future exhibitions please reach out.

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Project Exhibitions

Physical Exhibition

The Micro Monument Exhibit will be an event spotlighting scientists  across industries working on the leading edge on nanotechnology. Providing opportunity for education and a chance to see the microscopic monument along what large format electron microscope prints. 

Virtual Nano Exhibition

In order to connect people all over the world with the exhibit, Micro Monument is looking to create a VR walk through of the exhibitions that allows you to experience the nanoscale and see the monument alongside other familiar nanoscale objects.

Thank you

Along the way the micro monument team gained a lot of support from scientists and organizations in the form of interviews, access to facilities, and resources. Without them this design led passion project would not have been possible. 

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Crawford George

Alexandria Jones


Philip Anschutz

Sponsor Contact

Quinn Spadola
Christa M Ernst

Scientific Attributions

Yeyuan Yang
Lisa Yaszek
Dr. Tiffany Williams
Paul Westerhoff
The International Flag of
Planet Earth Organization
Nano at Stanford
Richard Shafer

Dr. Debbie Senesky
Harley Hayden
Nicholas Guise
Atilla Cakmak
Devin Brown
Oliver Brand
Jared M. Ashcroft


Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor

Georgia Tech: Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology

National Science Foundation

National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure